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Bio-sourced materials

Matériaux biosourcés

"Our fate is inseparable from that of our environment, we are neither above or outside it"

Bio-sourced materials

Due to the important environmental impact of petrochemical products and the proliferation of plastic waste; plastic represents a threat to the health of ecosystems.  The production and consumption of such products must be reduced in order to limit the ecological impact of human activity on nature. 

Innovi is committed to developing bio-sourced and bio-degradeable materials to replace petrochemical plastics.

Our products

Thermoplastic films

Film thermoplastiques

Bio-sourced and bio-degradable or compostable films of 40 to 100 microns for packaging dry, fresh or wet products.



Bio-sourced and bio-degradeable or compostable granules for the plastic injection industry.

Extrusion-blow moulding


Bio-sourced and bio-degradeable or compostable granules for the extrusion blow moulding industry.

Our Activities

Certified for research and development tax credits INNOVI supports you developments in the following domains :

Plant Nutrition

Diet and
Human Nutrition


and Beauty