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Plant nutrition

"Observe nature, for it is where your future lies"Léonard de Vinci

Plant nutrition

Involved particularly in plant research, Innovi laboratory is focussed on research into biocontrol products and biostimulants, based on nature-identical substances, which use natural mechanisms to fight against crop enemies.

Our products


A natural systemic herbicide, for use on field crops, at early post-emergence stage at a dosage of 30 litres per hectare.


A natural biostimulant, intended to improve germination, root development and plant growth.


Stimulates the defence system of plants in order to reduce the use phytosanitary inputs, particularly products intended to protect crops from disease, parasites, insects or fungi.

NRV promoter

Stimulates root exchange and assists the uptake of elements required by the plant, especially water and nutritive elements, in order to improve the plants' nutritional value.

Our Activities

Certified for research and development tax credits INNOVI supports you developments in the following domains :

Plant Nutrition

Diet and
Human Nutrition


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