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Tomorrow's cosmetics today

And if the new generation of cosmetics weren't cosmetics "less" which come dangerously close to cosmetics "none", but cosmetics "more". More innovative, more generous, more effective more complete for better performance.

Creams which benefit from a three dimensional hydration system.

Reinforce the hydrolipidic layer and the cohesion of keratinocytes, prevent imperceptible water loss and capture several times their own volume of water. All possible today thanks to INNOVI Laboratories GPS-S® technology.

Patented technology, this complex new generation of products combines the advantages of hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances for a rapid and lasting hydrating effect and reinforces the barrier function giving a double advantage.

Rich creams which penetrate rapidly for the greatest comfort. 

And if today we no longer have to choose between generosity of formula and cosmetic acceptablity. With version"P"of theGPS® system, the creams penetrate deeply.

If this functional ingredient is offered by INNOVI to improve the penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers (active ingredients for weight loss, hair ...) it's capacity to bring sensory qualities to its formula provides the sought after "more".

Sun protection products "boosted" for less exposure.

Introducing  Protect Control® into sun protection products assures, for the same SPF, a reduction in the concentration of sun filters by a factor of 4. Whether they are chemical or mineral filters, the exposure to potentially worrisome substances is limited and the texture is drastically improved. A little "more" which undoubtedly makes all the difference.

Beause we don't want to choose between comfort and effectiveness any more, because we don't want to choose between immediate effect and lasting effect, we want the products of tomorrow today.

Not formulae "less" but formulae "more".