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Don't call them vegetative any more!

We owe them everything, from the food that we eat, to the air that we breathe. Plants were around before us and they will outlive us.

Used in turn to nourish us, care for us, clothe us, keep us warm or build the houses we live in, plants are the branches upon which we sit.

Idriss Aberkand said "if man divorces himself from nature, he can't go back to live with his parents. Man is condemned to live intelligently with nature or die"

So similar to us, but so different.

With 3 photoreceptors in each cell of its stem system, the plant kingdom "sees".

With statocytes in the tips its root system, the plant kingdom "touches".

With a root system which seeks out the sources of the richest nutrients, the plant kingom "tastes".

With the identification of volatile and olfactory compounds, the plant kingdom "smells". 

With the differentiation in the frequencies of different insects in flight, to identify its pollinators, the plant kingdom "hears". 

Better still, plants move without muscles, remember without brains and are even altruistic -  Hyphae connect trees in a forest in order to pool carbon and water resources, without necessarily being of the same species.

We have everything to learn from a different system.

On the one hand we have innovation which is required by the market. On the other we have a library from which we have everything to learn, but we burn the books instead of reading them.

According to the NGOs Global Footprint Network and WWF (World Wild Fund), we have reached the point where humanity is consuming more than the planet is capable of generating in the same period. So we are living on credit.

If it's a problem of resources, it's even more a problem of knowledge.

When a species dies out without having taught us what it "knows", it's so many books burned without having had the time to read them.